Shopping with mama?

The following curious set of observations was noted by the mother of three growing boys.  The full set of characters is as follows:

Mama:            Whose primary interest was to have company while shopping.

The boys are pictured below as follows from left to right:

Go shopping with mama??

Go shopping with mama??

Robert: Top gun:  Five years old
Vincent: Grim Reaper:            Ten years old
Matthew:  Court Jester:          Seven years old

The occasion is early one Saturday morning.  Mama is home from working a long, hard week, and is looking forward to some relaxation, and doing one of her favorite things, shopping.

Mama opened the conversation.
“Who would like to go shopping with me this morning?”

The question was followed by a long period of silence, frustrating Mama a little, so she tried again.

“I asked if any of you would like to go shopping with me this morning?”

“Vincent and I are going to play with our game cube,” Matthew said.

Robert was somewhere in outer space.

Expressing her increased frustration, Mama tried a third time using a different approach.

“I hope that when you boys get married, you will all marry girls that will go shopping with me,”

Matthew’s reply was almost immediate.

“I am not going to marry a girl, because I don’t want to look at their private parts,”

“Girls don’t have any private parts,” Vincent, the Grim Reaper, said.

“Yes they do,” Matthew said, correcting his older brother’s assertive statement.

At this point, Robert (5) arrived from outer space, and mimicked his older brother almost word for word:

“I am not going to marry a girl either, because I don’t want to look at their private parts.”

In the aftermath of this illuminating conversation, Mama was left high and dry, and presumably went shopping by herself.  No doubt while shopping, she pondered the developmental wisdom revealed by her three young sons, and accepted that many more years would pass before she had someone to shop with in the family.

Interestingly, Vincent’s observation that girls have no private parts is almost validated by the universal appearance of young ladies in the malls!  They leave almost nothing to the imagination.

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