Wanda maybe

On moving into a new home in Columbia, Missouri many years ago, I wandered into the back yard  to survey the situation when I noticed a little girl, possibly three years old, near the south property line.  As I was new in the neighborhood, I thought I should introduce myself and my family as her new neighbors.

        I approached her and started our short conversation. 

        “Hi there,” I said. 

        “What’s your name?”

        “Wanda,” she replied immediately. 

        “Hi Wanda”  I said, “That’s a pretty name.”

        “Do you have any brothers or sisters?”  I asked.

        “Yes,” she said, “I have two older bwothers”.

        “And what are their names?”  I asked.

        “Wicky and Wandy,” she replied immediately. 

        “Wicky and Wandy,” I wepeated exactly the same way Wanda had said them.. 

        “Is that wight?” I asked again, being careful not to overdo what seemed clear to me. 

        “Yes,” she said.

        “Those are vewy unusual names,” I added, not knowing what else to say.

         For the life of me, I don’t wemember the west of that particular conversation.   I was so perpwexed by those unusual names that I probably wandered off wondering exactly what Wanda’s name rewy was.  For the moment I just left it at Wanda, maybe.

        Maybe the weaders can figure it out for themselves. 

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