MOBO 3-wheel bike for sale

While approaching 88 years of maturity, I judged it appropriate to renew physical exercise by buying a MOBO recumbent bike. It is a three-wheel bike you pedal almost laying down. Neat idea.
     Assembly in my garage required almost three hours, removing from the box, following the instructions step by step until I was through. At that time, it was beyond my normal nap time, so I retired from the garage to resume my MOBO experiment the following day. The MOBO with an 88-year-old- rider is shown below:

     Little did I know that the MOBO bike is perfect in every detail, except for one.  This one boner was a game changer. Riding it a block north and heading south again, I discovered that the left pedal was loose.  Every time I pushed on the left pedal it emitted a click until suddenly it came completely off the bike.  As the pedals are free wheeling, there is no chain to bring the one good pedal back to a pushing position again.  I was essentially dead in the water, and in prime position to become roadkill. I tried to re-insert the left pedal back onto the pedal shaft, but after a few revolutions it would fall off again.  It probably fell off a dozen times on my return trip home. 
In my garage I discovered that both pedals were attached on a square assembly with a screw.  The screw had come loose on the left pedal, which explains why the left pedal, after a few revolutions, would fall off its shaft.  The problem with the left pedal was that it was installed using the same right-handed threads as used on the right pedal.  When the attaching screw became just a slightly bit loose, it was inevitable that the pedal would soon unscrew itself and fall off again. 
     What most folks, and MOBO, are not aware of is that regular bike manufacturers always have right-handed threads on the right pedal, and left-handed threads on the left pedal.  Because of this, when pedaling, the rotary motion tends to tighten the pedals on both sides of the bike, thereby avoiding loosening either pedal when riding. 
      By having right-handed threads on both pedals, this money saving decision works fine except for the left pedal. When put under stress, like with pedaling, the left pedal will always be inclined to unscrew itself, a defect in design, manufacturing, or ignorance.  To compensate for this defect, the manufacturer has inserted a screw into the left pedal. It makes sense to recommend the purchase of this new MOBO for half-price, $250.00, pickup, no delivery. 

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