Navy ship pictures 1951 – 1957

Ship pictures in approximate order as taken from 1951 to 1957.

Detailed list of ships not in order with pictures.

USS Wisconsin, BB-64, Atlantic 1951
USS Formoe, DE-509,
Alongside 1951USS Tabberer,
DE-418 refueling 1951
USS Tabberer, Still Refueling 1951
USS Comstock, LSD-19, Little Creek 1952
USS EA Greene, DD-711 mail call 1952
Unnamed LST, Little Creek 1952
USS Gardiners Bay, Alameda NAS 1954
Nationalist gunboats, Pesdacores
1954Nationalist supply ship, Pescadores 1954
English PT boats, Hong Kong 1955
Mary Soo’s Sampan, Hong Kong 1955
Junk in Victoria Harbor, Sept 1955
Gardiners Bay needing paint 1955
USS Hornet CV-12, Tokyo Bay 1955
USS Curtiss (AV-4) with shadow of GBAP in Pearl Harbor
Mothball fleet, Stockton, CA 1955
USS Hamilton County, LST-802 1956
MSCs Warbler, Widgeon, Long Beach 1956
MSC headed for demolition testing 1956
USS Trathen, DD-530
USS Osbourne, DD-846, Sasebo 1954-57
USS AJ Isbell, DD-869, Sasebo under Jane R

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