Gardiners Bay reunion 2011

The Gardiners Bay (AVP-39) held its annual reunion of former crew members in the Washington DC area in September 11-15, 2011.  One of the ship’s claim to fame was its presence in Tokyo Bay during the surrender ceremonies along with the battleship Missouri and many more US Navy vessels.  The main deck of the Missouri was the ship on which the papers were signed.  The reunion celebration in 2011 included visits to the war memorials and museums in Washington DC and a tour of Mount Vernon. The following pictures document the celebration, the attendees, the festivities, and plans for next year’s reunion in New Orleans May 22-26. The ship herself was decommissioned in the late 1950s, was sold to a Scandinavian Country, and is reportedly still performing admirably over 50 years later. Refurbishing her old sailors is a more daunting task.

Marine Memorial flag raising on Iwo Jima: Mount Suribachi

Washington Monument as seen from WWII Memorial

Gardiners Bay WWII veterans: Mauch, Anderson, Bonda

WWII Memorial looking toward Lincoln Monument

East entryway to WWII Memorial

WWII Memorial looking north

Korean War Memorial soldiers and reflecting wall

Two of eighteen soldiers in open field: Korean War Memorial

Korean War Memorial reflecting wall

Korean War Memorial: Reflections and embossed images

Lincoln Memorial

Viet Nam Memorial: West wall

Korean War Memorial: North wall

Abe Lincoln and admirers

DC Capitol and dome across the mall

Navy Memorial: Capsule recovery

Navy Memorial: Sailor on vigil

Mount Vernon southeast elevation

Ray and Carol Bonda, Dale Cox

Pauline and Jerry Chatelain: Reunion coordinator

Anderson, Hamilton (?), Mauch

Edrie and Carl Anderson

Martha and Bob Mauch

Air Force Memorial

Moon Lander:  Air and Space Museum

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